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Children's Flyer

Here's a kid-friendly flyer for you!

Children's Area - Location

The Children's Area is just south of the Sanctuary. Follow the signs!

Children's Area - Schedule

The Children's Area will be open the same hours as the rest of the Festival - 10 AM to 3:30 PM. 

We will have activities and events all day for the kids.

Please remember that this is not daycare.


10am - 10:30am 
Book Reader - Linda Taylor
“Breathe and Be” by Kate Coombs. A book of mindfulness poems.


10:30am - 11am
SING-A-LONG with the children – Vicki Brost


11am - 12noon 
Highlight:  David Stokes 

David is the Animal Dude with the gray beard and bald head who happens to be a Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education Teacher of the Year and an “Aldo Leopold” award winner. The Northshore United Educators (WEAC) honored David for educational excellence.

David has received the Master Front-line Interpreter award from the National Association for Interpretation. He sings and engages audiences of all ages in nature study.

Using live creatures and animal artifacts, songs and short stories, David gets down with his audiences, and makes learning fun.

David has a solid educational background in the natural sciences, holding an Masters of Science in Conservation Education from Michigan State University. He has been creating exciting learning situations since 1974.

12:15pm - 1pm
Reader - Cynthia Williamson, children’s book author reading one of her books entitled, “The Girl Who Loved Dresses Too Much”.


1pm - 2pm
Reader - Dick Stammer- selections to be determined


Reader - Mark Silvermintz  reading a book written by his mother, Naomi Mazur
 Silvermintz, “The Brown Egg and The White Egg “

Story Time - David Sellars - selections to be determined

Prize Bucket 
6 buckets lined up in a row. Each bucket contains a prize. Player stands in front of the row the buckets and tries to get a ball into the bucket.

Ring Toss

Player tries to get plastic rings on a plastic cone sitting 6 feet away.

Ball Bounce
Players strap a plastic box around their waist with balls and whoever manages to shake the most balls out of the basket is the winner.


Parachute (fun activity for toddlers)
Round parachute held up in a circle. Parachute is lifted up and fill with air.


Arts & Crafts table
Project: Making bookmarks using stickers, paper, ribbon, glitter.


Lollipop Tree
A child is asked to take a lollipop from the lollipop tree. If the lollipop stick is painted blue they get a special prize. If not, they get to keep the lollipop.

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