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March Justice Social

On Wednesday, March 20, the Social Justice Alliance of the Florida Suncoast ( sponsored its monthly Justice Social  at Hotel Venezia in Venice.

Attendees were treated to an inspiring talk by Zander Moricz, founder of the SEE Alliance, one of the member organizations of SJAFS. 

Zander mapped out the overall picture of the electoral makeup of Florida, and particularly Sarasota County, since 2016 and explained what we need to do to get people---especially young people--- to vote in order to turn things around. 


What to do???????
      1) Register non-voters

       2) Focus on local elections first, i.e. Sarasota School Board ("All politics are local", remember?)  Research shows that once people vote locally, they tend to vote nationally as well.

         3) Attend the next Sarasota School Board meeting on April 2 at 6pm. VANITY FAiR will be filming the strategy session at SEE Space before the meeting, as well as the meeting itself!!!! 



Please join forces with SEE and make your voice heard. 

Even just BEING in the audience without talking will speak volumes!

Saturday, February 24, 2024 was our first major event, the Right to Read: All Books for All People Festival.

And what a day it was! The weather could not have been better.


People of all ages started coming at 10am and we still had a good crowd in the afternoon.  (We had about 800 people in all!!!)


Some came to figure out what the Social Justice Alliance of the Florida Suncoast is all about.

Some came to listen to speakers.

Some came to participate in the open panel discussion.

Some came to listen to the music.

Some came to hear local authors read and to purchase their books.

Some came to hear stories.

Some came to get a free banned book. (We gave out over 500!!!)

Some came to participate in the kids’ programs and games.

Some came to express their support in the fight against censorship.


But EVERYONE seemed to be in good spirits and to enjoy the day.

What a wonderful event!!!!!

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