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Florida State Legislature Wants to Lower our Flags

By Patrick Eaton, President of PFLAG Port Charlotte Chapter and Suzie Brucklacher

Photo by Observer Staff

Photo by Observer Staff ( ) , taken in May 2023, shows many of the flags our state legislature would force us to remove. The flags are flying outside a Sarasota City government building.

Patrick wrote: I will be attending Equality Florida Annual Pride at the Capital Kick Off Jan 16th and 17th 2024. The morning of the first day we will be training sessions to ensure that we are prepared and ready for the Capitol.

We will receive insider briefing from state lawmakers before breaking into teams with small group meetings with lawmakers.

The second half of the first day we will be meeting with lawmakers in the capitol and or speaking on any current bills being proposed. The second day will continue with meeting lawmakers at the capitol and addressing bills.

I have spoken numerous times at the port Charlotte school board meetings and once at the Sarasota school board meeting. Time to take it to a state level!

I am looking forward to learning about the process and meeting other volunteers and state workers who are trying to make a positive impact.

Suzie wrote: One of the bills under consideration would restrict the types of flags that can be flown by Florida government agencies. A similar measure was filed in the House and last week, a Senate Republican proposed one as well. This bill, if passed, would restrict local governments, schools and colleges from flying many types of flags.

Sen. Jonathan Martin, R-Fort Myers, filed the bill (SB 1120) for the session that will start Jan. 9, 2024. It states that government agencies could not "display a flag that represents a political viewpoint, including, but not limited to, a politically partisan, racial, sexual orientation and gender, or political ideology viewpoint."

Rep. David Borrero, R-Sweetwater, filed HB901 which has similar wording.

Equality Florida criticized Rep. Borrero's bill, stating on X (formerly Twitter), "If conservative lawmakers won’t stop trying to erase us, we won’t stop showing up to oppose them." (from News Service of Florida, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Jan. 4, 2024.


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